EVN Symposium 2014


Cagliari from the harbour
			Sardinia Radio Telescope
Poetto Beach (RobMcFrey photography)

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    Each presentation will last 15 minutes (12 +3) including questions. Invited talks will last 20 minutes (15 + 5) including questions. The presentation (preferably pdf or PowerPoint file) must be copied on the symposium computers (click here to see specs) during the coffee breaks or lunch breaks.

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The programme, including the list of posters, can be downloaded in pdf here.

The book of abstracts can be dowloaded here.

Monday, October 6
18:00-20:00Registration and Welcome Cocktail
Held in Hotel Regina Margherita, Viale Regina Margherita 44

Tuesday, October 7
08:45-08:55Luigina Feretti / Andrea Tarchi (INAF-IRA/OAC)
Welcome and opening addresses
08:55-09:15Anton Zensus (MPIfR)
EVN: Present and Future
SESSION: Low luminosity AGN and starburst galaxies
Chair A. Lobanov
09:15-09:35Mar Mezcua (IAC)
Revealing jet radio emission from intermediate-mass black holes Invited
09:35-09:50Sandor Frey (FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory)
Four hot DOGs eaten up with the EVN
09:50-10:05Francesca Panessa (INAF-IAPS)
On the origin of radio emission in Radio-Quiet AGN and their connection to X-rays
10:05-10:20John McKean (ASTRON / Univ. of Groningen)
Testing galaxy formation at the highest angular resolution with gravitational lensing
10:20-10:35Megan Argo (JBCA)
Things that go bump in the night: the curious case of NGC660
10:35-10:50Rebeca Soria-Ruiz (IGN-OAN)
Reliable dense-gas tracers at high redshift: the case of CN in the z~4 quasar APM 08279
10:50-11:15Coffee Break and Poster Session
Chair A. Szomoru
11:15-11:30Franco Mantovani (MPIfR / INAF-IRA)
EVN observations of weak blazars
11:30-11:45Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska (Torun Centre for Astronomy)
Broad absorption line (BAL) quasars as a class of low luminosity AGNs
11:45-12:00Naìm Ramìrez-Olivencia (IAA-CSIC)
EVN imaging of the LIRGI sample
12:00-12:15Rob Beswick (JBCA)
LeMMINGs e-MERLIN survey of nearby galaxies
12:15-12:30Tom Muxlow (JBCA)
The e-MERGE Galaxy Evolution Survey
12:30-14:00Break for Lunch
SESSION: Powerful AGN, jets and gamma-ray emission
Chair A. Zensus
14:00-14:20Monica Orienti (INAF-IRA)
Radioemission of relativistic jets and gamma-ray connection Invited
14:20-14:35Thomas P. Krichbaum (MPIfR)
Millimeter VLBI observations: Black Hole Physics and the Origin of Jets
14:35-14:50Marcello Giroletti (INAF-IRA)
An EVN survey of hard spectrum gamma ray sources
14:50-15:05Venkatessh Ramakrishnan (Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observ.)
Connection between parsec-scale radio jet and gamma-ray flares in the blazar 1156+295
15:05-15:20Biagina Boccardi (MPIfR)
High resolution mm-VLBI imaging of Cygnus A
15:20-15:35Anne-Kathrin Baczko (Dr. Remeis Observatory/ECAP/Univ. Würzburg)
VLBI Observations of NGC1052
15:35-15:50Kazuhiro Hada (INAF-IRA/NAOJ)
Continuing EVN monitoring of HST-1 in the jet of M87
15:50-16:20Coffee Break and Poster Session
Chair J.-F. Desmurs
16:20-16:35Tuomas Savolainen (MPIfR)
Imaging nearby AGN at ultra high resolution with RadioAstron
16:35-16:50Yuri Kovalev (ASC of Lebedev Physical Institute)
AGN cores at extreme angular resolutions
16:50-17:05Gabriele Giovannini (Univ. Bologna / INAF-IRA)
The nuclear structure of 3C84 with space VLBI (RadioAstron) observations
17:05-17:20Jose L. Gomez (IAA-CSIC)
Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron
17:20-17:35Kirill Sokolovsky (ASC Lebedev / SAI MSU)
RadioAstron dual-band Space-VLBI observations of 3C 418 and TXS 2013+370
17:35-17:50Cornelia Mueller (Univ. of Würzburg/ Dr Remeis Observatory / ECAP)
TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A: The complex dynamics in the inner parsec of an extragalactic jet
17:50-18:05Ivan Agudo (JIVE)
Signs of internal rotation and helical magnetic field in the inner jet of NRAO 150

Wednesday, October 8
SESSION: Powerful AGN, jets and gamma-ray emission (cont.)
Chair M. Kunert-Bajraszewska
08:45-09:00Rocco Lico (Univ. Bologna/ IRA-INAF)
Very Long Baseline Polarimetry and the Gamma-ray connection in Markarian 421 during the broadband campaign in 2011
09:00-09:15Florent Mertens (MPIfR)
Longitudinal and transverse velocity fields in parsec-scale jets
09:15-09:30Talvikki Hovatta (Aalto Univ. Metsahovi Radio Observ.)
Spectral Index Distributions of Parsec-Scale AGN jets
09:30-09:45Jeffrey Hodgson (MPIfR)
5 year Global 3-mm VLBI survey of Gamma-ray active blazars
09:45-10:00Andy Biggs (ESO)
Mapping HI absorption at z=0.026 against a resolved background CSO
10:00-10:15Paola Castangia (INAF-OA Cagliari)
VLBI observations of the water megamaser in the nucleus of the Compton-thick AGN IRAS15480-0344
SESSION: Technological issues and new developments
Chair R. Porcas
10:15-10:35Michael Lindqvist (OSO)
Present status and technical directions of the EVN Invited
10:35-10:50Gino Tuccari (INAF-IRA)
DBBC3 Development (presented by W. Alef)
10:50-11:15Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:15-11:30Cristina Garcia-Miro (Madrid Deep Speca Communication Complex NASA)
The X/Ka Celestial Reference Frame
11:30-11:45Ivan Marti-Vidal (OSO)
Solving the polarization problem in ALMA-VLBI observations
11:45-12:00Leonid Petrov (ADNET Systems Inc.)
Modeling of propagation in the neutral atmosphere for radio astronomy data analysis: a paradigm shift
12:00-12:15Uwe Bach (MPIfR)
Out of focus holography at Effelsberg
12:30Bus to Is Alinos (Silius)
13:15-14:45Lunch Buffet at Is Alinos
14:45-16:00Presentations on the SRT at Is Alinos
Chair A. Tarchi
Andrea Possenti (INAF-OAC)
Astronomy at the Observatory of Cagliari
Nichi D'Amico (INAF-OAC/UniCA)
SRT: Present status and prospects
Isabella Prandoni (INAF-IRA)
The SRT: Astronomical Validation & Scientific Perspectives
16:00Bus to the SRT site
16:15 Visit at the SRT site (and, possibly, at Belvedere)
18:00Bus to Cagliari

Thursday, October 9
SESSION: Star Formation
Chair F. Colomer
08:45-09:05Luca Moscadelli (INAF-OAA)
High-Mass Star Formation and Maser VLBI Invited
09:05-09:20Anita Richards (JBCA / Univ. Manchester)
Sub-mm maser VLBI: how do stellar winds break free from the star's gravity?
09:20-09:35Kee-Tae Kim (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Inst.)
KVN Observations of Class I Methanol Masers
09:35-09:50Anna Bartkiewicz (Torun Centre for Astronomy)
The methanol maser ring G23.657-0.127 after 9 years
09:50-10:05Ciriaco Goddi (JIVE)
3D Gas Dynamics from Methanol Masers observed with the EVN reveals Rotating Disks around O-type Young Stars
10:05-10:20Gabriele Surcis (JIVE)
Magnetic field measurements at milliarcsecond resolution around massive young stellar objects
10:20-10:35Jeoung Sook Kim (NAOJ)
Transition in the Outflow Evoution of the Massive Star-forming Region W75N
10:35-11:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session
SESSION: Current & future facilities and international collaborations
Chair C. Reynolds
11:00-11:15 Jonas Trüstedt (Universität Würzburg)
Blazars at Low Radio Frequencies
11:15-11:30Do-Young Byun (KASI)
Recent Activities of KVN
11:30-11:45Matteo Stagni (IRA-INAF)
Towards the Italian VLBI network: first tests and perspectives
SESSION: Astrometry and planetary science
11:45-12:05Maria Rioja (ICRAR)
Astrometry and new methods made possible by the new generation instruments Invited
12:05-12:20Nobuyuki Sakai (NAOJ / Univ. of Tokyo)
Direct comparison between VERA, VLBA and EVN astrometry results and an analytic gas dynamics model
12:20-12:35Marcin Gawronski (Torun Centre for Astronomy)
Project RISARD - the story so far
12:35-12:50Guifre Molera Calves (JIVE)
Scintillation of Venus and Mars Express radio signal on interplanetary and ionosphere plasma
12:50-14:30 Break for Lunch
SESSION: Supernovae and late stages of stellar evolution
Chair Z. Paragi
14:30-14:50Michael Bietenholz (HartRAO)
VLBI of Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts Invited
14:50-15:05Miguel Perez-Torres (IAA-CSIC)
Constraints on the progenitor system and the environs of SN 2014J from deep EVN and MERLIN radio observations
15:05-15:20Jun Yang (OSO)
VLBI detection of the internal shocks in nova V959 Mon
15:30-17:00Users Meeting
Chair T. Muxlow
Thomas Muxlow (JBCA)
EVN Users Meeting
Bob Campbell (JIVE)
Software Correlation at JIVE & Real-time e-VLBI in the EVN
Alastair Gunn (JBCA)
EVN Scheduling
Users Meeting Notes by Richard Porcas
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
For EVN Symposium Football Match players and supporters
17:30 Bus to Football match pitch
18:00-19:30 Football match
19:30-20:30Aperitif at the Hotel Panorama
20:30Conference Dinner at the Hotel Panorama Restaurant (8th floor)

Friday, October 10
SESSION : Milky Way
Chair M. Bietenholtz
09:00-09:20Mareki Honma (NAOJ)
Maser Astrometry with VLBI and Galactic Structure Invited
09:20-09:35Rebecca Azulay (Univ. de Valencia / MPIfR)
Binary stars in moving groups
09:35-09:50Benito Marcote (Univ. of Barcelona)
Discovering the colliding wind binary HD 93129A
09:50-10:05Danielle Fenech (Univ. College London)
Preliminary results the COBRaS e-MERLIN legacy project
10:05-10:20Sandra Etoka (Hamburg Observatory)
Phase-lag distance of OH83.4-0.9 from eMERLIN and NRT observations
10:20-10:35Jean-Francois Desmurs (IGN-OAN)
SiO masers from AGB stars in the vibrationally excited v=1,v=2, and v=3 states
10:35-10:50Soon-Wook Kim (KASI)
Flaring Episodes of Cyg X-3 with Korean and Japanese VLBI
10:50-11:20Coffee Break and Poster Session
SESSION: Pulsars and transient objects
Chair M. Lindqvist
11:20-11:40Maria Massi (MPIfR)
Transient sources at the highest angular resolution Invited
11:40-11:55Javier Moldon (ASTRON)
A pulsar wind nebula associated with PSR J2032+4127 as the powering source of TeV J2032+4130
11:55-12:10Andrey Andrianov (ASC Lebedev Physical Inst.)
Study of scattering material with RadioAstron-VLBI observations
12:10-12:25Alexey Rudnitskiy (ASC Lebedev Physical Inst.)
Preliminary results of giant pulse investigations from Crab pulsar with Radioastron
12:25-12:40Olaf Wucknitz (MPIfR)
Scattering as a nuisance and as a tool
12:40-13:00H. van Langevelde (JIVE)
Concluding remarks
13:00 End of Symposium

Available laptops to upload the talks:
  • HP laptop with Windows 8.1, Office 2010 Professional and Adobe Acrobat 9.0
  • MacBook with OSX 10.4.11 Tiger, Keynote '09 5.0.3, Adobe Reader 9 and and Preview 3.0.9

In general, and especially if you are not sure that these computers will support your presentation, please have a pdf version of the talk ready.